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4000L Horizontal Household 304 Stainless Steel Water Filter Plant
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"Used in house, remove the bacteria from water, pure water treatment systems. 1. Capacity: 4000L 2.Material: Q304 3.Delivery time: 20-25 days after receiving the deposit 4.Brand name: Soglen 5.Rated output: 4000L/h 6.Use position: Central water purification 7.Principle: Ultrafiltration 8.Efficacy: large flow ultrafiltration machine 9.Classification: ultrafiltration machine, central water purifier 10.Color classification: stainless steel 11.Filter: ultrafiltration membrane " Through continuous technological innovation, perfect after-sale service and excellent customer experience, Su Gelun water purifier has been adopted by more and more families, become water to improve life quality, improve the quality of life of choice for water purification equipment.

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